Nervous System

by Drii

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Nervous System blossomed from the knowledge that came from confronting a lust and love for somebody. This person took over my nervous system, hence the title. The album was written over the coarse of 9 months; it follows the relationship from the beginning (Natural Woman) all the way to the end (Complex Habits) and even moving on (Made of Paper). I hope this makes people feel understood.


released October 26, 2013

Natural Woman, Made of Paper- prod. by BRSMSN
Kush to Budd, Era Daze, Complex Habits- prod. by Bläp Dëli
Collarbone- prod. by Zach Miller



all rights reserved


Drii Santa Rosa, California

Independent vocalist reaching out to every dimension.

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Track Name: Natural Woman
You make me feel like a natural woman
Oh i want to be so close to you
you make me feel so alive
Track Name: Kush to Budd ft. BRSMSN
Roses and Champagne, why you think I came? I can't kick if i lie, you all up in my brain.
Roses and Champagne, no wonder you came, I can't kick it to lie, i'm all up in your mind.
Come in closer, till we're face to face, give you my time but just a little taste
till i'm in your dreams and always on your mind
When push comes to shove, lust turns to love, and kush turns to bud, you're all the above
Real love honey, hey hey, we're talkin' 'bout real things honey, hey hey.
Track Name: Collarbone
Like a kiss to the collarbone
Smoke fillin' the air when we get stoned
you peel me bare, underneath is so sweet, oh baby oh, the way you're lovin' me.
What i gotta do to satisfy, the flaming glare in your eyes
set flames to the town in my mind where i go when i have no where else to hide, surface everything to the top of my face
ripping through the skin like the sound through space, and here you go coming for it again, as if i was your first and the lust has yet to happen.
Track Name: Era Daze
I trusted fear for the longest time
it was the only thing that kept my judgement in line
but here you are running away with your cold red hands
i'm terrified of this love so i will let you stand
I climb the onning, the urge of falling can get rather cynical but so's the way we're physical
your calling, it was so calming
I trusted you and those eyes and all took your word and took the fall

It's been a long long time
(since the feeling begin the feeling set in that this was a miracle short of a sin)
and it's been on my mind
(that you feel the way too or am i a fool for reading the mirror as its ways were two)
oh i swear it's time
(that i put down the shade sun it invades, filling the darkness which i am afraid)
and i know i'm not alone
(i see you searching for clarity, in life something maybe i could be)

I know you're always wanting more than what life have given ya
but slow down i implore, and look what love has given us
i know you're always wanting more than what i have given ya
but slow down i assure, that this could be something bigger
Track Name: Complex Habits
Simple woman with a complex habit
have the tendency to want more, and more
I gotta have it
you're on a journey trying to find who you are
you coulda used the mirror from the start
Poppin bars to the higher elevation
take the elevator up to seek the ultimate creation
life was never enough you sought a higher power
pick it up and master it youre bored in even an hour
i'm a craft of yours i let you in, and you got bored
I'm a craft of yours, i let you in
i was sure so sure i had you there
but you had more
i was sure so sure i had you there
Track Name: Made of Paper
High above the clouds my eyes shine down
from the skies full of diamonds, my mind runs round
body never goes where my heart doesn't take it
i'm chasing dreams jet streams made of paper